Professional multi-risk insurance (Multirisque pro)

Many professionals are confronted with risks on a daily basis in the course of their profession. To face these risks and avoid significant costs they may incur, consider taking out professional multi-risk insurance. Professional multi-risk insurance covers third-party liability, business premises, goods and equipment, such as property, machinery, equipment and stock with the aim of allowing businessmen to start their business again after a disaster.

This type of insurance is recommended for all business companies or professionals which occupy a building and its outbuildings to carry out their activity.

ARTEK ASSURANCES offers following type of covers

Operation loss (Perte d’exploitation)

This will cover payment of wages, fixed costs such as electricity and phone, taxes and extra charges due to the accident, including hiring new material or buildings, publicity to find new customers, etc.

Premises and business assets

They are covered against vandalism and theft, fire and water damages, natural disasters and weather events, etc.

Third-party liability

It helps with common claims like negligence, misrepresentation and inaccurate advice. For example, when a customer is injured on your premises or a customer’s product is damaged by an employer.

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