French law requires a landlord or a tenant to be insured against the damage to the property (multirisques habitation). A standard multi-risk insurance covers third-party liability (responsabilité civile), damages from fires, storm damages or ground movement.


offers following type of covers

All home insurances covers in France include a third party liability (responsabilité civile) for everyone in the house hold. It also covers houses and belongings against life’s unexpected events.

Building insurance

It covers damage to the building caused by things such as fire, water damage, natural damage, damage by extreme weather, theft, burst pipes, vandalism and other loses. This is mandatory for renters and those with a mortgage but not for those who own their home outright.

Valuable belongings insurance

It covers valuable items presented in the appartement of house, such as fine jewellery, watches, art, coins, stamp collections fine china and silverware, cameras, electronics, etc.

House care

Insurance for school children

Some home insurance policies will automatically cover third party liability for any damage or injury a child may cause at school; others will offer this as a separate cover at a nominal premium. In both cases, the insurer will provide a certificate or attestation for the school.

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