Annual or Temporary Car Insurance (Assurance Auto annuelle ou temporaire)

According to the rules for car insurance in France (Article L 324-2), all vehicles must be covered by Responsabilité Civile the French equivalent of third party liability, even if it is not driven on the roads. Failure to insure a vehicle can lead to fines of up to €3,750.

It is important to know that insurance in France tends to cover the vehicle –  unlike in some countries like the UK, for example, where is covers the driver only. Some policies contain restrictions as to whom may borrow the car, even temporarily.

Temporary Car Insurance, also known as short-term car insurance, offers flexible cover from 1 day to 90 days. To get Temporary Car Cover, driver must meet the following criteria : be aged from 23 years to 75 years old, hold a current, valid, French, EU, non-EU, and have more than 2 years driving experience. This type of car insurance covers only third party liability – Responsabilité  Civile (the legal minimum) and a driver can add road-side assistance to his/her policy.

Annual Car Insurance is due to young drivers (less than 2 years), persons those previous car insurance was terminated due to non-payment persons whose driving licence was retrieved persons who holds French, EU or non-EU driving licence, but also to drivers with long experience.

ARTEK ASSURANCES offers annual or temporary car insurance for those who have French, European or Non European driving licence. Vehicle insurance policies are either third-party au tiers, the legal minimum; third-party fire and theft au tiers illimité or tiers complet; or comprehensive cover tous risques.


offers annual or temporary car insurance

Third-party liability (tiers collision or responsabilité civile)

This is the minimum amount of insurance that you need under French law. It insures your vehicle against damage and injury to all third parties in incidents where you are at fault. This includes passengers in your car.
Third-party insurance won’t cover any of your own costs, for example, the cost of repairing any damage to your own vehicle.

Third-party, fire, and theft

This is also known as third-party plus. It provides standard third party liability coverage plus it also covers costs to car caused by accidental damage, natural disasters, or attacks. These types of policies usually cover:
• fire;
• storm damage;
• windshield damage caused by debris or a collision with an animal;
• theft;
• vandalism.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover (tous risques)

It covers all risks including damage to your car caused by an accident that was your fault, third party responsibility, accidental damages, etc. Also known as the ‘all-risk’ policy, this is a good choice of coverage if you drive a new or expensive car, are a frequent driver or have any risks associated with your driving.

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